Online E-Commerce Marketplace Platform

Price: $55,000

Location: Anywhere

Industry: E-Commerce

Listing Description


When Gear Offer launched in July of 2018, the options for buying and selling used camera gear online were both limited and fragmented. In addition, there were no full-service platforms that served the market. From listing to shipping, Gear Offer is a full service platform. Buyers and sellers experience less friction using the platform because it facilitates the transaction. There‚Äôs no back and forth between buyer and seller. Buyers can simply click the buy now button or make an offer for an instant transaction. Sellers receive direct payment to their bank account after shipping the item and buyers get shipping tracking updates all the way to their door. The platform enforces fraud protection using several 3rd party companies to assist with the verification of identity information. Transactions are constantly monitored for suspicious activity. If a buyer isn’t interested in the Gear Offer model, the platform itself can be an asset. The platform is a marketplace and with little changes can be used to facilitate the buying and selling of any product, not only camera equipment. Now that the future has come and the system is well tested and secure, it’s time to sell the platform to a buyer that wants to scale the business or use the platform to sell other products.